Hi, I'm Rhiannon a 20 year old Fashion Journalism student from Derbyshire. I currently live/study/sleep in Sunderland and it's fab. I have a lovely boyfriend, two cats and a dog and if I was running from a burning house I don't know who I'd grab first.

I love fashion but most of my posts will be on beauty as I think it's more versatile than fashion, anyone can mac foundation, but not wear Topshop. Yes I am rather plump but oh well. :)

Cat #1 Tommy
Cat #2 Pippa

A rather confused looking Darcy

I'll try to keep as up to date as possible with this blog, but if I go missing for a while -and God forbid you notice- don't fret it just means I'm busy with uni but will be back faster than you can say Marc Jacobs.

Rhiannon x

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